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10 Color Combinations Trending in 2020

10 Color Combinations Trending in 2020

10 Color Combinations Trending in 2020

10 Color Combinations Trending in 2020We are at the beginning of 2020, the turning point in the world of color scheme design. It’s time to leave behind some of the old and traditional color schemes while embracing the new and trendy design. However, there are certain color combos that are just too good to let go, they will also have a special space in the design world this year.

When it’s time to craft the brand’s visual identity, the color scheme is the first feature that a designer has to make the decision on. The color scheme is the key foundation for the general personality and mood of the brand. Also, it’s a great guide to the best design of the image.

Yes, the exact color hue may end up different as you apply the rest design, but nonetheless, the foundation color scheme is a basis that ensures constant work momentum of the designer without getting stranded or having to start all over again.

While it’s not the best choice to apply the current trending color scheme blindly, it’s the designer’s best interest to check out these color combinations. From them, the designer may get inspired and get inspiration to kick-start the whole designing process.

Due to that reason, we’ve engaged the best designers to select the best color scheme which is trendy in 2020. The color combinations range from complimentary combos to bold and contrasting patterns. These different forms of pairing are meant to create a splash in the world of designing.

Therefore, have a seat and let’s learn which trending color scheme will be handy to your brand image in 2020. Thus, whether you are looking for a color combo full of energy and attention-demanding or a combo that is peaceful, calming but captivating, you will definitely find a perfect match from the following list.

  1. Peach – Orange

Orange is a common color among many financial and tech companies since it conveys confidence, vitality, and friendliness. However, this color also exudes a playful mood and this why you will find it combined with neutral or dark colors to create a professional look and we mean serious business feel.

But according to Pixality Designer, Connie Holen, this tradition of using orange will be left a bit as people shift to a more monochromatic color pairing in this year. According to Connie orange color is all about energy excitement and full of energy.

It’s quite tricky when you pair it with colors such as white or black (Hello, Halloween). Through pairing the intense orange with softer shades, you are free to use the boldness of this color with a more in-depth and more appeal.

In that regard, Orange with peach color is the best pairing. When you lay a dark orange color above the peach, it creates graphic design and dimension with a welcoming feel. This design is likely to be common with modern brands marketing their products and services.

  1. Navy-Mint

For quite some time, the Navy has been a safe choice when it comes to brand design. it dissipates the feeling of reliability, ironically and trust. It’s a color that doesn’t rock that much.

However, in the modern world of design, this color is on the verge of seeming a bit old school or less interesting. But, when this color is paired with more cool colors such as mint, you will revive its vibrancy. The mint and navy pair creates an in-depth contrast that offers more feel of contempt.

Mont and Navy is a great combination to play around with as per Kirsten Atkins a web designer of ‘South Palm Design’. Moreover, it’s also very versatile too. According to Kirsten Atkins, “You can make it more professional and fun quickly depending on fonts and other color pairings you choose to add.”

  1. Beiges – Mustard

In the past, when you pair colors like Mustard and beige, the outcome will seem like a very boring design. However, the change in modern times and mustard available everywhere from interior design to fashion runways in 2019, brown hue is the perfect complement to boost its rise in popularity in 2020.

According to Kristen Atkins, Mustard was a popular color in 2019 and the trend will go on in 2020. Considering mustard is a bold color when you pair it with neutral colors such as beige or light cream, it creates a perfect balance.

  1. Black-Lime

When it comes to the world of designing, the colors which are neutral never lose purposes. Therefore, in 2020, the trend will be to pair them with bright and bold colors for the purpose of injecting personality and a bit of fun. Black-Lime is a great example of such a color combination that works perfectly.

Greens and Blue have long been linked to wellness brands traditionally. However, the trend of colors is shifting from the use of the complex color combination to a single color accent. And this is according to Connie Holen. Black is a core color that is modern and minimal but you can add some energy with the addition of lime which is an accent color.

Previously, the pairing of black-lime has been known to be prominent for interior décor. This is especially in houses with retro aesthetics. However, in the near future, they are changing into becoming a base for design and branding. Moreover, you can add a white color in these color pairs to serve as a balance and prevent them from falling apart.

  1. Secret Moss – Bombay Pink

Companies that are manufacturing paint are a great source of Intel in forecasting color trends that will rule supreme in the near future. Secret Moss – Bombay Pink was enlisted by Vaslpar’s selection as the 2020 pairs which are perfect pair with great ranks.

Also, according to Kristen Atkins, Secret Moss – Bombay Pink will emerge as the popular 2020 color combinations for graphic designing. This is because they are a couple of Valspar’s 2020 year color.

Transforming from the once dusty pink, Bombay-Pink is more of a muted hue that somehow borders mauve. In the meantime, Secret Moss lies between green and grey. When combined, they create a hue with a feminine touch that is great for focused brands. But when you pair Bombay pink – Gold, the result is luxe aesthetics, says Kristen.

  1. Burnt Orange-Teal

It’s not news that teal and orange has been an incredible color pair in recent years. This is especially in Instagram feeds. But in 2020, things are going to turn up on this pair, with the orange color being swapped with its orange hue.

To create a warm balance, the teal hue leans more towards mint green as compared to blue. According to Kristen, Earthy tones still reigns as the favorite colors as 2020 begins. Burnt Orange – Teal is a great pair since they are both complementary colors.

While lying side by side, there is no doubt that pairing Burnt Orange and Teal creates a striking effect that is appealing to the eyes. The pair colors are perfect for demanding attention from the viewers as well as great for aesthetics. Also, this pair it’s a perfect combo for food brands that are marketing their products in 2020.

  1. Scarlet – Black

This combo is often regarded as a retro color. A pair between black and red is set to have a comeback this year. These pair is perfect when you want to convey drama and power to the audience. Also, it’s a great choice for brands that come head-on and are shy-free from the spotlight.

According to Kristen, the red color is associated with intense emotions. And when paired with black, the result is outstanding and perfect for seeking the audience’s attention. However, in the same instance, the black color is a perfect neutral color for red which makes it less overwhelming.

Just to be specific, Scarlet exudes a feeling of style and sophistication as compared to Orange or Red shades. Also, this pair is associated with style, luxury, and power, all the qualities that most marketing brands are seeking.

So, do you want a bit of command over your audience and get their full attention? Then, Canvas Red, Black and Grey Logo are readily available for custom modification to suit your brand.

  1. Electric Blue – Pink

A pair between Blue and Pink is no secret to any graphic designer. Over the years, there have been lots of iterations coming from this pair. This ranges from bright aqua – hot pink to a soft pink – baby blue. However, this year, there will be plenty of electric blue combined with peachy pink according to Emily Ponton from Studio.

These two pairs are perfect for brand/business which is low key and less geared towards showcasing attitude. Also, it’s a great color combo that expresses vibrancy and full of fun character. Thus, these pair expresses a strong image identity in marketing and captures the user attention from the word go while also leaving behind a long-lasting impression.

What’s more, Emily also adds that this pair is perfect for publishing and retail brand that want to stand out against their competitors. Funny enough, this pair is also great for when it comes to children brand- where the blue and pink have often serve as standalone colors that signify gender. However, in some instances, the pair can work together to create a graphic style that stands for kids’ brands.

  1. Soft Green – White

This is another modern take where the green color is paired with neutrals. In 2020 white and soft green creates a perfect dynamic duo in 2020. Different from using black and bold lime, this combo exudes a sense of zen and serenity.

That’s why it’s not surprising that this pair is common in wellness brands and Yoga brands. According to Kirsten Atkins, a pair of soft olive-green with white creates a natural and clean feel. Therefore, if your target is a minimal design, this is a perfect pair for you.

  1. Terracotta – Sand

Hues with earth inspiration still hold a special spot in graphic designers’ key selection. These pairs are versatile with a wide range of applications. Also, the versatility relies on the various colors you combine them with. The end result can be relaxed, romantic, rustic or beachy.

But if your target is aesthetics, earthy and warm feel with modern sand terracotta, then this is a perfect choice. According to Emily Ponton, this color pair is very common in wedding ceremonies, event designing product designing as well as branding.

The color combo is meant to depict environmentally friendly products and brands that are sustainable. Hence it’s a great pair for organic food companies as well as organic beauty brands with natural ingredients.


In the world of design and marketing, color plays a crucial role that cannot be overlooked by any chance. The color combo you rely on determines whether the audience will be repelled or get attracted to your brand. Therefore it’s important to make a pick of the color scheme that will fully market your brand and draw in new audiences as well as maintain the usual audience interested.

From the above, you can tell that there are various color schemes with each having a specific meaning. Therefore, take your time going through the various color pair provided above and choose the one which suits your business perfectly.

At the end of the day, your aim should be a color scheme that compliments a unique personality of your brand, point of difference and values. But by picking a combo from the above least, you are closer to harvesting plenty of deals this year.

Just ensure the color will be unique and different from other similar brands that are offering the same service or products as you. The best strategy to succeed is by standing out in the crowd while offering the best quality products/services.

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