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8 Image Types for Social Media Marketing

If there is one task that is considered toughest when it comes to marketing among the marketers, it’s generating the relevant amount of content for your social media profiles.

After all, it is a combination of quality and quantity in product/brand marketing through social media. The majority  of brands have to post not less than three times a week on every social media platform and not more than one post per day to maintain user engagement.

For continuous duty, that alone is quite a lot to handle, and with the fact that you need to do it on all social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among other popular platforms. We know this can be a very overwhelming task.  But of course, it’s not all about quantity solely but also the quality of the contents has to be addressed also.

And this is where image diversity in social media platforms comes handy. You will want to have more images in your posts for a 37% average increase of engagement on a particular platform such as Facebook. However, the same images cannot be shared on Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram or any other related platform.

Therefore, you need more than enough images that will keep your clients engaged, and to keep them interested in your content. This article is meant to simplify things for you. In that case, we will be highlighting 8 major types’ images essential for social media marketing in order to make things more interesting to every social media follower.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Oriented images

UGC is among the most powerful content that can apply to your social media platform for marketing. This content is client-generated, so other clients interpret it as more original and twelve times more powerful than any other marketing strategy you could come up with. As a result, this method has a 28% average engagement as compared to standard posts.

Since UGC is client-generated, you have very little work to do on the content, and the only major tasks you can engage in to make a difference in encouraging your clients to engage in UGC.

What’s more, it’s very important to maintain the UGC image the way it is after getting the clients’ permission to access the content. Also, you can appreciate the client publicly and in the process, you will encourage more clients to engage in UGC for the same acknowledgment privileges.

  1. Images of the Product

Since you only have a 20% to utilize for promotion images, which means you have a 20% chance for promotional content relating to your brand. Make good use of this opportunity by posting beautiful and intriguing product images that will attract the clients’ attention at first sight.

When dealing with product images, you should consider the options below:

  • You can use pointers or arrows to direct the users’ eyes to exactly where you want them to see, for instance viewing sale announcements and product name list among other content that you need the client to focus on.
  • Showcase your product while in use to give the clients an idea of what to expect in case they opt for your product.
  • Use the product/brand picture against an intriguing background that will complement it further.
  1. Business owner and Employees pictures

Posting the pictures of Business owners and Employees is essential in building trust between you and your clients. What’s more, some clients would really like to know who they are dealing with in terms of the business owner and the employees behind the incredible product.

To make this possible and in simple terms, you can take photos of at least one or two employees to share with your audience. In this case, you can include a touchy story about them to draw the clients towards you as they will have a feeling of knowing your company which in turn has a great impact on attracting more clients.

This is also a great strategy for generating fast content for your website. With this kind of image, ensure the images are kept simple, high quality and with less edit requirement. For best results, go for a non-cluttered neutral background.

  1. Behind the scenes pictures

Similar to the employees’ spotlight, the images behind the scenes works the same way. That means they can have company retreat images, an insight into the break room, and the image of product assembly or lunch preparation in the company.

Therefore, the image can be that of anything in your company as long as it’s a precise insight about what your brand is offering. In this case, a simple picture that comes with text overlay will be a perfect choice. However, ensure the text overlay explains exactly what the image is showcasing.

  1. Store Announcements

The social media platforms provide an excellent spot for major announcements such as product launch, upcoming events, workers hiring or even incoming flash sale. Whichever announcement you will be making, just keep in mind that images deliver more impact than plain text. The visibility is higher; hence the number of audiences that will also take note of it will also be more.

When making the store announcement images, ensure they are simple with little destructions. The target here is to pass the message at a glance, and that’s why information based pictures are a perfect choice. Also, they will deliver more impact if accompanied by writings on the image itself for quick context establishment.

Seasonal images

With seasonal images that are simple, you will never go wrong, whether they are generic stock images for showing off your store or just for adding a message that you are conveying. Nonetheless, always note that social media audience is often searching for contents with instant relevance and viewing a post that has a relevant impact in their life. This is whether it’s a health-related post or an image with a summer vibe.

The seasonal images comprise of the following:

  • Pictures of your store, team or products with a festive impression at the boarders, also, add story graphics with a wishing message of a happy holiday to make it more interesting.
  • Use a stock photo that is relevant to the theme of your company but with the potential to capture the day/seasonal spirit. This will enable you to focus on building audience engagement in your post. Moreover, you can have an additional text like the season’s greetings or a charming quote together with your brand logo on the image.
  • What’s more, it should include an image of a menorah, jack-o-lantern, valentines’s decorations or Christmas tree. As a bonus point, you can have the post asking the audience for their views or picture sharing to increase engagement.

This or That Pictures

These types of images are those that give the audience the option of choosing what they prefer the most. These types of images offer an exciting means of promoting your business as well as being effective in drawing in audience engagement.

Moreover, this or that pictures allow for the inclusion of multiple choice answers that promote further engagement from the audience. What’s more these images can feature two different products with a choice of selecting a better one. In such kinds of images, the products are put side by side to allow for easy and quick comparison.

After selecting, the audience has to give a reason for their choice and this is handy in algorithm priority boost that enables more visibility. Lastly, they maintain an interesting mood with the potential to be the base for market research on a basic level.

Pictures which are quote Oriented

Every person admires a good quote from time to time and mostly when it has a relevant meaning relating to your brand business. However, there is a need for nuggets of wisdom relegation into a post with text only.

However, you can rely on a quote maker online tool such as contentBASE to make your task much easier. Start by compiling a list with quotes that you feel your clients will love to read and then turn them into a single document. Afterward, you can use a template or several of them for the pre-made content. And then begin inserting the quotes in their respective spots.

When using the templates, switching the background is an option depending on your taste or preference. But this technique is easy and quick to work with and enables you to maintain a diverse profile on social media.


Many marketers overlook the importance of social media in product marketing or branding. Some even go as far as hiring an armature intern to manage the online platform for them. But the truth of the matter is, you need a strategic plan that will enable you to choose an intriguing content that will capture the audience’s attention and maintain their interest.

Images serve a very crucial in marketing; therefore, overlooking their presentation is not an option. If you are having a hard time developing the images on a daily basis, then create time at the start of the month and make as many pictures as possible.

Thereafter you can upload them to your social media while excluding certain software such as Agorapulse. Through this, you will save much of your time as well as improve your general results in the process.

Meanwhile, if you need assistance in making enough spectacular images that will keep your audience excited and interested in your content,  you can try out contentBASE.

Back to you

Was the information handy in your research? If so, which among the marketing images of social media has more impact on marketing? What is your audience’s response to those images? You can also share your questions and thoughts in the comments below.

Tips to create perfect and effective social media images

  • Use unique pictures on each platform you have

Many brands/businesses have more than one social media platform for effective marketing. Some often make a common mistake of using similar images across the platforms. If it’s the brand logo then it’s understandable but if it’s any other type of image, then it will cost you loss of clients due to loss of interests. Therefore, it’s crucial to have unique pictures across your entire platforms to keep your content interesting and captivating to various audiences.

  • Have a particular goal

Before thinking about what to image to take or get, you should first come up with the goal of developing your image. The goal will be a perfect guide to making a proper choice of the image whether it’s for a blog post, profile or even header image. With the right goals, driving the right traffic won’t be an issue, in fact, it will convey an image of professionalism and knowing exactly what you’re doing.

For instance, if your goal is audience engagement through the comment box, then create an image that motivates one to live a comment after viewing. But if the goal is increasing traffic in your blog post, then it’s better to opt for an image with thumbnail auto-generation. Alternatively, an enticing image will be a perfect option.

  • Focus on your Audience

Your image will only get clicks if it’s captivating enough to the users. For this to happen, you need to create images that resonate with the audience. To make such a kind of image, you will have to consider key details such as color, fonts and patterns that are liked most by your audience.

But if you are still not sure about your audience’s favorite images, you can use the polls instead as a great guide.  Alternatively, go through the post of successful competitors and get some tips from them about the exact content your audience will love to view.

  • Background images

It’s much easier to begin creating a great image for your audience by starting off with an image in the background as compared to a blank image. However, ensure the background image you pick is much simpler with less destruction that can affect the audience’s focus o0n the intended content on the picture.


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