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Design the Perfect Header Image for Social Media

Back in the days, companies/ brands only worry was a single image for their social media. And this was basically their profile pictures. Moreover, the images were mostly for posting which also didn’t happen often. Lastly, the header images at that time were either not in existence or simply not popular.

But with the advancement of technology and the growth of users on online platforms over the years, things have changed. Compared to the old days, the header images are now very popular and must-have on the social media of all organizations and businesses.

Without such images, the account’s profile appears downright empty with a less intriguing look that will capture the audience’s attention. Also, the last thing is to create an impression of not caring or less effort in making your brand’s image stand out and more presentable than the rest.

To craft the best cover images for your social media doesn’t need that much of graphic design skills. As long as you have access to the right tools, it’s as simplest as you can imagine. In fact, you will complete a single photo within an instance.

In this article, we will be taking you through the whole process step by step to ensure you have an insight on how to develop the best cover photo for visual and brand promotion of your profile.

Why must you have the best header picture for your social media?

No matter the social media platform you are using, the image of the header always covers your entire profile. This is irrespective of you using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Linkedln among others; they all come with a cover image slot. What’s, more they are noticeable immediately. When it comes to branding or marketing of your products, this is a great real estate with plenty of opportunities to utilize.

From that, you can tell that your header is the key to the best first impression that would intrigue any audience immediately. Therefore, to make your brand solid in the competitive market, follow these tips below and come up with an outstanding cover image.

The best quality header image is perfect for attracting more users to your brand as well as gives you a sharp competitive edge. Moreover, the same cover image is applicable across all platforms you have as long as you ensure the image on the header is fantastic.

Steps to design the best image for your social media header

Are you ready to develop the best image for your social media, solidify your brand image and make it outstanding among your competitors?  Then this is the perfect stepwise guidance for you.

  1. Check your Current Business Brand

Even before you set out your plans for your brand cover image, it’s crucial to check out your profile content first. Just to be specific, you need to check out your current social media branding as well as your profile picture.

At this moment your profile is likely to be active and running. In most cases, it’s usually the business logo that is set by the marketer as the profile picture. Whichever it is, you have to check every detail about it from color to imagery and graphic design. This is because it’s vital that both the profile and header image blend together. What’s more, if you are targeting a profile with a cohesive look, this is a great step to consider.

  1. The impression should be your major thing to consider

Generally, the image on the header is the most outstanding and noticeable at first sight as compared to the profile image. Moreover, there is leeway here; this is because the best practices free you from sticking to a single logo.

That’s a great opportunity you can utilize to create a powerful first impression. To begin, consider the message you want your header image to convey. Also, the audience you are targeting is an important factor to consider including what you want them to get from it.

  1. Choose a design which is clean and strong

Some marketers will opt for header images with high resolution while others will gear towards images that are graphic based. Either of the options will work perfectly, but first ensure the design you will opt for is compatible and works great with your brand.

This means the image should not be overwhelming, bold, bright, tightly knit or tiny patters that occupy a big size of space. Instead, go for designs that are simple with negative space to enable the audience to focus on the intended message.

Additionally, you need to have intriguing images that are captivating at first glance. This can be tricky at times especially when you are trying to create a balance. However, you can add a couple of contrasting colors or even have some tricks that will draw the client’s eyes to where you need them to view.

But with contentBASE, things will turn out a little bit easier whether you are skilled or with no skills at all. Moreover, there are templates that are meant for social media header pictures specifically. Also, they allow for complete customization feature.

  1. Use the best header image sizing

This is a vital factor when designing header images; you need to use the right sizes for a perfect outcome. But this is where things become a little complicated since every platform has its own unique size requirements. Some of the popular platforms and their size requirements include:

  • YouTube size of banner: 2560×1440
  • Twitter size of the cover image:1500×500
  • LinkedIn cover photo size: 1536×768
  • LinkedIn size of banner image: 1584×396
  • Facebook group size of the cover photo: 1640×856
  • Facebook cover size of photo:820×360

To make your image size creation for whichever platform hassle-free, try out contentBASE. To comes with templates that are fully optimized for YouTube and Facebook. Also, the LinkedIn image size is quite easy to adapt to. When you use the right dimensions when developing your profile image or header image, you will guarantee that no content in your image will be cropped out, distorted or stretched in an un-ideal way.

What’s more, you need to take mobile devices into account. For instance, the Facebook images appear taller in mobile than when using a desktop. Therefore if you overlook blind spots on various devices, you may end up losing the key content in your image or make it appear strange than the way it’s supposed to be. But with optimized templates, you are fully covered. This template allows you to see what will kiss out of the image and how to fix any image size complication.

  1. Boost your image message with Text

Normally, there are certain images that you don’t need an explanation to understand what they mean. They are simplest to read and understand what they are conveying even by the youngest mind without any form of text to support their meaning.

However, there are also images that need a bit of text to enlighten the audience more on what they mean. And this is the reason why we offer our clients an extensive library with free photos to use on their own pleasure.

With that being stated, many header pictures do benefit more on text addition as well as logo incorporation. Therefore, whether your image is for promoting your future sale, your brand, business feature or simply an image context, the addition of a short and precise description text is the best means to take your business to a whole another level.

  1. Focus on your Fans

When marketing through the social media platform, you will be dealing with the community as your audience. Therefore, the connection between you and the audience is a must. You need to have their full attention for the best conversions. But for this to occur, you need to exactly deliver what the audience requires the most.


From the above information, you can tell that header images are not to be overlooked. They play a vital role in marketing your business brand and boosting the amount of audience you have. Thus, these social images are a valuable opportunity for delivering exactly that.

Therefore, take this as serious as the way you would when designing your main website elements. But also keep in mind that social media is a great market for a potential new client, hence a bit of effort to create an outstanding image is a great way to start.

Back to you

Was the article handy in delivering the information you were searching for? According to your opinion, what is the key element for a perfect social media image? And if you have a personal example you have, feel free to share below!

 Pros for the best Header image

There are plenty of benefits that come with the best header image, some of them include:

  • Driving high traffic to your brand website

The header image serves exactly like the window of an actual store, therefore, with the best and enticing image; you will definitely drive high traffic to your brand’s website. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook create an opportunity for lead generation. This allows you to draw audiences to your site with just a single click on the CTA button found at the top of your website page.

With this feature, the audience will be able to trace your account audiences without any hassles. Use the header image effectively to promote your brand and products by creating an intriguing content that’s hard to resist. An excellent application if the header image will be for demonstrating features and benefits your products comes with. Also, it’s a great base for a new product launch.

It’s also a great means to have a connection with your audience. By displaying exactly what they need, you will be enticing them to engage with you as they will be seeking more information about your brands and products. And this will, in fact, get you more strong followers.

  • Upcoming events advertisement

Unlike the old days when the TV or News Paper ads were the major platforms to utilize in upcoming events advertisements, Social media header image is an effective platform with little or no cost in ads. Also, since this platform hosts millions of users either from local or international, you have a chance to explore a wider market with unimaginable number clients.

Therefore, organize your content and experience the best benefits that come with this product. With a quality header image, you can promote incoming events such as offers or product launch among others. Also, it can be an incoming conference, online contest promotion or even social giveaways advertisement through the header image.

  • Build Brand/Business awareness

The header image is very handy especially if you are building awareness about your brand. It’s a great platform to express to the users what you are offering. Through it, you will be developing a strong market base for your brand to thrive on. With regards to this, craft your header to display your brand:

  • Office and working environment, give the consumers insight about where the products/services they are getting is coming from. This will be a good foundation to build trust between you and the clients.
  • Showcasing the team behind your brand success and product development is another excellent means to build awareness about your brand. Ensure the images are incredible and appear natural for a better impact on the audience.
  • The images on the header should be in the context of your brand. For instance, if you are dealing with bicycles, create an image that shows someone riding on a bicycle. If its services, then the image should showcase the service being offered. In the process, it will have more impact on building your brand awareness.
  • Align your header image to the right simply because your profile image is on the left side. This is meant to create a balance in your profile as well as enable your audience to have a better focus and less destructed.

Things to avoid

Yes, the header image is vital for your brand, but there are certain practices that one needs to avoid. Some of these practices that may affect your account negatively include:

  • Leaving out branding
  • Optimizing your page for desktop only and leaving out mobile devices.
  • Excess clutter on your header image



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