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Instagram Profile Size Dimensions [ FULL GUIDE ]

Instagram Profile Size Dimensions [Full Guide]

Among the most popular platforms for sharing the best images, Instagram is part of. It offers yo u the best platform which contains over 600 million users. This gives you the audience to express your creativity in visuals.

To be part of it, you will need to create an account on the platform.  And this is where the profile picture comes in. it is among the details made public for every user to see even if you set your acc on privacy.

Your picture in the profile is the first focus point people will be drawn to when they click on your acc on Instagram. If it’s for brand purposes, it will portray the reputation of your business to the user. This is even before they get to read the content.

But if it is for personal use, it will portray your personality at first hand. The profile picture is like the cover and back page of a novel. It gives both the title of your acc as well as abstract of your personality.

That said whichever the reason for the opening of your account. It can be for a business profile or personal acc profile to turn you into a social media influencer. Upload of the right and proper image of the account should be your main goal. It is of utmost significance.

How can I make the perfect profile image? This top among the many questions asked by people and has no good answers. Well, in this particular article, we’ve got all the right answers you need.

Which dimension size will best fit your profile?

The creation of Instagram has a visual basis. This alone is an important manifestation on why the image size dimensions serve a vital role in this platform. The best image sizes with clear focal point enable easy search and find by users. This means one can recognize you easily even when scrolling through explore.

Being located on the upper left corner, it may seem of meager value, but it’s not even close to it. It is what defines your acc reputation. One thing is for sure; ensure you give your best when selecting the right photo.

The guidelines for your image

The profile picture appears in different dimensions depending on the device you are using to view it. For example: When using a Smartphone device to view the profile picture, it is being displayed as a square. The resolution size is  – width of 110 pixels by the height of 110 pixels.

However, the resolution in the feed is by far contradictory. The profile image is shown as the width of 40 pixels by the height of 40 pixels. While on the desktop platform, it’s the largest of the three. The resolutions are  – width 180 pixels by the height of 180 pixels.

But regardless of the device, you will be using to view the platform, the aspect ratio remains constant. The profile image ratio remains at 1:1 aspect. That means the width and height will be equal in all the three different viewpoints.

The ratio itself is the first guide of the image dimension configuration. It clearly indicates that the image has to be a square no matter the resolutions. It is important to note, that the image will be cropped out into a circle when uploaded.

Despite that, the circle will retain the dimensions of the square. Therefore, ensure the important aspect of your picture is centrally placed to avoid being cropped out.

Images for humans, products or even animals have no issues since it’s likely to be centered in most cases. It is important to leave blank spaces on the sides of the picture you are trying to take. From there, you are good to go.

However, it may raise issues if your brand or company logo has corner shapes. Uploading the image on the company profile acc may leave it unrecognizable. This is because of the corners being cropped off.

But there is a way around it. If it’s the company logo, you will need the customers to view it clearly. The best way is to set the image on the picture background. It should be small enough to fit in the circle, to secure it from being cropped.

The best tips for your profile picture

·        A logo or a photo

This is the first choice to make even before searching for the best-suited profile picture. This mainly relies on the type of acc and the intended purpose. If it’s a personal account, the photo of you will best suit the profile. At this point, you will need the audience to trust you and know who they are connecting with. Therefore you will have to let your guard down and upload your picture.

If it’s for the brand, business or company role, a logo will come in handy. On the platforms, there are millions of users. The best way to segregate your business acc from other personal acc is through a logo. A profile with logo will act as your identity. Users will be able to recognize it even when tangled with countless other accounts.

At times a profile picture of you may seem like a good choice mostly if it’s a personal brand. Yes I agree with you, but think about it, how many look-alike names are there on the platform. A logo will seem more of a better choice, as it will be distinct from the list of search. Moreover, it will lack a user face that one may try to identify.

·        Get a proper background

If you chose your picture as a profile, the background has a general aesthetic value. It should be part of the main consideration. The background depicts how your image will be expressed. It should be complimentary at the same time provides a good degree of contrast. If selections become tough for you, a neutral choice works best with any type of image.

Also, the background should be simple enough. Your main focus at this point is the focal power of your picture. A background with decorations or messy may destruct the viewers from the main goal of the profile.

But if you chose the logo as the profile picture, a background that is greatly contrasting is best. If the logo has a bright color or colors, a dark background will be best. But if it has a dark color, a brighter background will complement it even more.

·        Soft lighting choice

At this point, natural light is the best choice. It gives a clear image of you without exaggerations, and mostly if you chose yourself as the profile. But an important thing to note, avoid direct light from the sun. It will create shadow effects on the picture you will be taking.

At this juncture, the commended time of taking the photo through natural light is at sunset or even sunrise. At this time, the sunlight is soft and tends to compliment the image taken. At broad daylight, when the sun is at its peak, a room with large windows will be suitable. It will shade the sun and just allow enough light to come in, which is suitable for photography.

In the scenario where you need effects which look dramatic, direct sunlight will work best. It will create silhouettes which are darker. Dim light also has the power to create dramatic images, which are impressive indeed.

Thus, the lighting choice will rely on the type of effects you need the pictures to have.

·        Stick with the same type of profile image

The personal profile account gives you the chance of changing the image from time to time. Many people will feel uncomfortable with displaying a single photo of them for a longer time. Thus they will prefer to change it from time to time, and replace it with the current look. That is very ok for an account created for sharing your personal experiences.

But for a brand or business profile account, things are a little bit different. At this acc, you will be aiming for recognition of your brand. Therefore a simple image which represents your business will be best. Moreover, it will enable followers who have been for a long time to be familiar with your new posts on their feeds.

Also, a single brand photo will increase your popularity in other platforms where your followers might be linked to. Thus it will have a multi-role, compared to changing it from time to time.

·        The best quality profile picture

Bets quality image is usually accompanied with many benefits. But despite that, follow through the dimensional size and format supported. This will guarantee you both quality and compatibility with the platform.

It should be able to meet the rules and regulation imposed by the platform. It should be clear with focal points that will make a killer impression at first look. This is also among the best practices if your intentions are to boost the number of followers.

The importance of the profile

Despite being overlooked by some of the users, brands have taken into consideration its benefit. With the businesses logo being displayed as profile pictures, it has made it easy for users to spot them. The profile image is one of the foundations of a successful acc. To rip the benefits out of it, its guidelines rules must be followed thoroughly.

The brands and companies have invested a lot in creating unique logos and outstanding images of their profile. Through this, users can be able to note the difference between personal acc and brands. And as a result, this has boosted various businesses and also has encouraged the development of more brands in the platform. With the profile pictures, the following has emerged successfully:

Instagram has turned out to be very valuable to various marketers and businesses. This has been attributed mainly by the rising number of users who are intrigued by various brands. With the launch of new products and items by various businesses on the platform, they actively engage. With the profile pictures, various brands have been able to be spotted through the business logo.

Nowadays, people would want to be associated or get updates on the latest trends both in news and fashion. What other places would be much convenient than Instagram? With its visual-based reason for creation, it offers the audience with what they want most. A place to share with clarity pictures, videos and news.

It has become a wide network which is connected globally. Therefore selling a product or an idea has become simplest. With over eighty percent of its users following one brand at least, this has provided a wide and large market. And that’s not all by 2017 over 120m users, had to contact with businesses through the business profile button of CTA.

Before, it was all about advertisements of the various businesses to make the consumer aware of them. But with time, through the relations created between customers and the brands, transactions are being carried out. Thus it has become more than just an advertisement platform.


The profile picture of Instagram may be small and seems insignificant, but it’s a vital part of the account. It is like a country’s flag, it represents your account whichever places it appears on the platform. If you need to create more followers or boost your marketing, a stand out profile is what you require. It will be able to capture the attention of the audience within a blink of an eye.

As a reminder, it’s not recommended to change your profile. You would need something people can identify you with. The profile is like a defining look of your account. If you are worried about the same looks, the feeds are there to cater for that. Let people be able to recognize you easily with a particular brand. Also, customization of the bio is important for alerting your followers about events or even new products. It can also include Instagram story highlights or Instagram story, thus you can enable new users to view your posted contents.





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