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Instagram Story Dimensions [Full Guide]

Instagram has become a powerhouse of business advertisements. With billions of active users, it has fueled endless brands in the course of time. With millions in an increase on daily users, it has surpassed Snapchat its biggest competitor. Moreover, stories posted on Instagram gets lots of hits.

Besides being used by brands and businesses, the story dimensions serve for personal use. Many users would like to share their experiences in their daily routine. Others would share an important moment. Each and every user still needs the perfect dimensions to set images or videos that will be eye-catching.

Initially, uploading content on Instagram was very easy. It could cost you a few seconds of your time with no hustles. This is because there was no complexity in image optimization. Moreover, there was only a single video and photo orientation that was easy to figure out.

But with continuous updates and addition of new features, optimization has become quite a challenge. Currently, you require the guide of dimensions to properly upload your contents from the library of your device. At contentBASE we constantly keep up-to-date about all dimensions.

What is an Instagram story?

It’s a feature that is similar to WhatsApp and Snapchat. It allows the users to upload their video and photo. The content will be available to the viewers for 24 hours only.

Creation of these stories is simple; the user has to click on the addition sign at the corner on the top left. Automatically, the camera will be turned on. In this case, the user can take a picture or a video directly, or simply upload from their library.

The direct pictures or video that was taken have Instagram automatic fit. Unlike the library uploads, which you may have to crop them for a perfect fit.

Do you really require Instagram story dimensions?

Yes, you require the dimensions. For the content uploads made directly from your Instagram app, they have an automatic fit. But for brands adverts, they are not as simple as taking selfies. Certain aspects of the brand have to be part of the content.

Thus, professional cameras are used. This, means the content uploads have to be made directly from the library. And this is where the dimensions come in handy. A wrong move on the dimensions will cause a loss on an important feature. This will greatly affect the meaning of the message being conveyed to the users.

An outstanding, engaging and captivating story determines the capture of the user’s attention. It determines whether your story will be swiped or engaged. The list and details of specs and sizes below will guarantee you the user’s time.

Instagram story dimension

Story image dimensions

Capturing the attention of a user while swiping through the stories can be easy as well as challenging. Though there are few tricks you can apply, this will make your story too outstanding to ignore. With the Instagram story, it gives you an option of 6 photos uploads as a maximum limit. Moreover, there is a feature of swiping up, which will guide viewers who are interested in the chosen URL.

Instagram story specs

  • The maximum image size which the platform allows one to upload is 30MB.
  • The image pixel size which is commended as the maximum limit is 1080 ×
  • The image pixel size which is commended as the minimum limit is 600 ×
  • The image format which is best commended, and will work well is .png and .jpg.
  • Each of your image uploads has a duration limit of being displayed which is 5 seconds.
  • On the actual image, it’s important to limit the number of texts that overlay, as it could award your photo a rejection. But you can substitute the texts with customized notes and visuals from Instagram. They include a sticker and text features.
  • The aspect ratio which is considered proper is 9:16

Story video dimensions

How do you appeal and engage users who are scrolling through the Instagram stories? Well, it’s simple, use a good video. And not just any video, a well-structured video which is precise on what it’s conveying. Many users will prefer a straight forward point of approach; after all, there are other countless stories to watch.

Apart from precision, simplicity will also award you the best outcome. The clip should be self-explanatory and easy to get what it’s expressing. Through this, the users will understand what you are selling within a blink of an eye. But that’s not enough; you also want to drive your sales up.

A captivating clip is what you will need at this juncture. The user should automatically get the will of needing to know more about the products, and what they stand to gain from it. Only through this, that they will buy the product.

Having addressed the above, there are certain aspects of the video that you will have to apply for perfection. Below are the guidelines that will get you through successfully.

Instagram video specs

  • Am sure you don’t want the key contents to be cropped out automatically by Instagram when resizing your clip for a perfect fit. To avoid this 1080 × 1920P size is what your video will need.

In regard to that, means your video has to meet those resolutions, and they should be simultaneous with a 9:16 aspect ratio. It is due to a lack of flexibility by the platform that you need to readjust the clips. Not adhering to the resolution means content loss or visual quality compromise.

Images with no good format result to loss of content or space. This is mainly because they can be too large or small. Thus for best appealing visuals, formatting is not a choice.

Some people may overlook the regulations simply because of the visual last for 24 hours. One thing is for sure, they will leave your site with bad impressions. It will not only deliver incomplete content with poor quality but portray you as unprofessional.

Uphold the regulations given by the platform and you will end up creating an eye-catching clip for your site.

  • The video format is a vital part that will determine whether it will be supported or not. MOV and MP4are the best-commended format.

It’s really discouraging when you spend days and hours crafting a fifteen-second clip only to realize it’s not supported. There are many types of video formats but only a few of it is supported by Instagram.

The file of the video format forms a key aspect in Instagram dimension story. The video format supported is MOV and MP4 as mentioned earlier. The good news is there are online converters which will set the right format for you. Just be careful enough to ensure they do not compromise the quality of the clip.

To make your work easier, the formats of the file provided are globally known, thus easier to create a clip. You can easily get devices that produce such file types. Also, there are converters that will change any formats to the ones recommended above.

Any file format besides the ones provided will not work, no matter their quality. You just have to use the provided formats.

  • High-quality visuals usually gain lots of views, but also should be able to load faster to prevent being swiped. 720 pixels is the minimum resolution, despite that, it’s very clear and also loads faster.

A decent quality is what really one needs to prosper through this platform. High quality may seem too good, but they have a consequence, which doesn’t guarantee your business growth.

Also, people don’t appreciate larger clips as they consume time and internet when loading. At this point, standard quality clips will do well in getting more than enough views.

  • Every clip uploads have a limited 15 seconds of play. Ensure all your brand guidelines are addressed within the 15 seconds.

If making a comprehensive clip that covers the 15s is difficult, you can segment it into a maximum limit of 4 videos which can be supported by the platform. Using this method means the clips will follow each other gradually in order to make sense.

Alternatively, you could publish a full clip of 1 minute. The platform itself will split it into 4 parts for you. But any inclusion beyond a minute will be left out. However, if its Instagram story lives, you are using; there is an allowance of up to 10 clips, and each having 15 seconds.

Creating a fifteen-second comprehensive video through recording is really difficult. You will need a tool to assist you with that. Moreover, the same tool will assist you in size adjustments to fit the online dimensions.

  • The aspect ratio which is considered genuine is 9:16.

Despite the fixed dimensions of Instagram, you get to have a chance to set it on landscape or portrait orientations. With their ratio of aspect being: 9:16 and 16:9 respectively.

If your video is shot using the Instagram app camera, it’s simple. All you have to do is set the frame and you are ready. But if your video is being shot using an SLR or a digital camera, you will have to crop them. In this case, the dimensions of the Instagram story will come in handy.

You can adjust the clip sizes to meet the upload standard using the software in your laptop or a mobile app.

  • A 4GB file size of the video is the maximum limit one can upload for a single clip.

There is rarely any complain about the file size of the video. The 4GB is more than enough. One seldom use even an eighth of it. More often, image quality goes hand in hand with size. But ensure your file size is as small as it can get without damaging the quality.

Bigger file sizes take more time to load. This will ruin the UX. Am sure you don’t need an Instagram story that people swipe through simply because it takes time to open. You can reduce the size of the video file through software’s or apps. For instance, using Video compressor or You Compressor would be helpful to match the Instagram dimensions.


  • Codecs recommended for video: h.264, VP8.
  • Codecs recommended for audio: AAC, Vorbis.


Tips on how to fit your image on to the platform through editing

  1. Open the photo you intend to edit, through your preferred software or application.
  2. Through the tools for cropping, adjust the photograph dimensions to the required size by the platform. Instead of stepwise cropping using your hands, you can directly input the cropping dimensions and let it done automatically. For example 1080 ×
  3. Move around the picture box for cropping; ensure every important aspect of the image is contained within it. To your advantage, the box for cropping has gridlines which will guide you on what will be left out. It also assists you in the alignment of the image point of focus.
  4. When you are through with cropping, ensure you have saved the image in the mobile camera roll. From there you will be able to upload it as your story on Instagram.

Tips on how to resize your picture without cropping

  1. Using the preferred editor app, open the photo you intend to edit.
  2. Open the settings of the editor and from the options select change and resize the unit of measurement to pixels.
  3. From there input the required dimensions of 1080P width and 1920P height. Due to the possibility of squished or stretched out the image, unlock the ratio of aspect.
  4. After you are through with resizing, ensure you save the image in the mobile camera roll. From there you will be able to make an upload of it as your story on Instagram.

From the guidelines and dimension you have been provided with above, you’ve got everything at your fingertip. Apply them and never overlook the rules. Follow through and make the best post for your audience. Impress your viewers and your business will grow in the process.







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