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The Significance of Simple Background in Design


Background-TemplateSometimes more is less and less is more, for example, you will easily spot the work of a PPC amateur copywriter through the too-long and intricate sentence. What’s more, it’s also easy to tell about a social media practitioner who doesn’t know what they are doing despite posting at least five times a day in every online platform.

Similarly, when you encounter a designer who applies too much style on a single image is a designer with less likelihood of delivering exactly what you need. Therefore, creating simple backgrounds are crucial in developing images of high qualities and clarity for your users.

Such images will enable easy reading, interpretation as well as response according to what the user will perceive. Although it’s quite tempting to have additional elements in every image you create, the best strategy is using a conservative approach.

If it’s still unclear why you should use a simple background, below are the crucial reasons why you need to do so. If you are looking for Background Templates or designs do check out contentBASE.

Create a professional look

Images that are clear, clean and precise create a professional impression that any audience will appreciate. When creating your brand content, the vital thing is to create the best first impression. This is whether you are a well-established brand or a small scale upcoming entrepreneur building an audience. This means your target is giving out a professional impression.

However, if you opt to over-decorate and create a background that is overcrowded or cluttered. Instead of looking attractive, they will appear naturally disorganized and resenting to the user. Therefore, the use of such images will instead ruin your business image rather than building an audience for it.

Therefore, visuals play a crucial role in marketing and users’ perceptions of your brand and their instant judgment at first sight. The last thing you need is driving the potential clients away simply because you have an impression of not knowing what you are doing. Alternatively, you may look as if you can’t or won’t care enough to afford great-looking images.

Create a perfect focus through simple background

Have you ever encountered an image that gives you the feeling of getting a migraine if you keep on staring at it?  That’s the last thing you want your potential client to experience. With the images, you want clients to interpret the exact messages you are conveying at first sight.

What’s more, the viewers often make a first judgment like “I love this item”, “that meal looks delicious” or “this article looks interesting”. Thus there is an element of artistic design to graphic style, but the last thing potential clients need is trying to figure out the difference between the background and the exact product on marketing. Therefore, an image may look extremely beautiful and pleasing when viewed on your PC but very unclear on smartphones.

Images with a simple background make the product come into focus and much easier to observe. With such images, you will be able to showcase the exact message you are passing across.

Direct the clients’ eyes to exactly where you need it

When you look closely at some of the best marketing images, you will notice an incredible craft design that uses a styling trick such as color contrasts and linked schemes of colors that draw and direct the viewers’ eye to the key area on the image.

Visibility of the image with clarity on small devices

With 53% of online traffic emerging from mobile users, it’s critical to ensure your images will be very clear the same way as using a PC. Also, the rising traffic from mobile users is gradually building hence the need to invest in it as well. There are over a billion users of Facebook who are precisely using mobile devices to access their accounts. This also applies to other platforms that are mobile compatible. They include Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat among others.

From this, you can tell that it’s not only your website that needs to be mobile-friendly but also the images that you use. To cut the story short, all your marketing content needs to be mobile friendly as much as they are PC compatible.

By this, it means, all the contents have to be clear, simple to see and interpret images as well as clarity on smaller devices that are internet enabled. Therefore, it’s a must to rely on a simple background to make this possible. This is because you need to keep the image subject identifiable irrespective of the platform you are using.

How do you create pictures with simple backgrounds?

If you are a graphic designer, then it’s perfect, but if you have no skills at all, there is also no need for an alarm. There are simple online tools that you can rely upon without the need of prior skills. Such tools will provide you with exactly what you need.

Through using contentBASE as your online tool, begin with a blank page or choose any of the templates among the hundreds which they offer. Such templates are specifically for individual applications such as YouTube channel, Info-graphics or Facebook posts. Each one of them comes with a simple but intriguing design that is eye-catching, customizable, giving you a chance to create exactly what you need or have in mind.

Something to keep in mind- you should utilize subtle patterns if you want a simple background, you can either use solid colors or adjust the background contrast to bring the image into focus.

Other Benefits of using Background design

At times when staring at an image, the one thing you are focusing on is the least you were supposed to. This applies the same with picture design, where background affects the visual. Therefore, the background also has a voice in an image. It can determine the message that your clients will pick or not pick. For this reason, it’s vital to be keen when designing your background.

To prevent sending the wrong message, it’s incredibly important to use a good background with your brand context/theme. As it can contribute greatly to the best audience experience, with less destruction on the intended message they are supposed to read.  The following are the best tips for an effective background design.

  • Lead the user’s eyes

The first key feature your background should have is enhancing the foreground content. This is possible through using background elements like negative space or shapes which are essential in guiding the user eyes to where you want them to focus on.

To make this successful, there are a couple of great techniques to use. They include sizing, color, and most importantly composition. Therefore, it’s the background that determines the flow and overall movement of the whole design so that the audience’s focus will be guided to the right content and not gets lost in other destructions.

  • Avoid Destructions

It’s quite tempting to use an intricate background with lots of graphics and appealing to the eyes. However, keep in mind that it’s only you who can differentiate between destruction and the real content found in the image.

Therefore, before opting for a graphically complex image, imagine you are not the profile owner or image creator; would you be able to distinguish between destructions and the real image?

Therefore, it’s very important to create a background that is simple, less destructing and guides the user to the actual content. Intriguing backgrounds are great, but they will actually affect the users’ response to the exact content you are conveying.  Or even worse, the clients may never get the exact message you were passing through.

  • Create Texture

On your image background, you can actually add some final touches with great texture, style and tone of the content you are delivering. Through the use of visual texture on your image background, you have the power to change the emotional scope of the content you are delivering; this is regardless of your foreground content.

With this technique, you will be working on the audience subconscious mind as you direct them to where you want them to view. In some cases, the users may be unaware of the powerful impact the background texture has on their perception of the image content.



Whether the images you are creating are meant for video thumbnails, social media, brand/product pictures or simply for your blog, you need the visual message you are sharing to market and boost your audience rather than holding it back. As mentioned earlier, this possible by all means if you use a simple background that keeps the visual message on focus, easy to view and interpret.

Therefore, a simple and clean background that has subtle patterns or bigger negative space is the perfect features you need on your image. Moreover, you will still need image structuring and strong visual choice.

However, this is just a starting point with the potential to elevate your image to a whole another level. Also, keep in mind that it takes less effort and skills to build a simple but powerful image than to create an intricate image that takes so much effort but with less favor on your business.

Tips for Best Image background

It’s quite unfortunate that backgrounds are often a forgotten part of the image. Many people always focus on what’s on the foreground and forget about the background which also has an influential effect on the general visual.

Therefore, the background has an impact of either breaking or making an image, and it’s one of the simplest and incredible means of creating a perfect image. while images with complex graphics seem like the best choice for marketing, a simple image with a humble background is often the best choice to lift your brand to a whole new level.

  • Blur the background

By blurring the background, you will be creating a point of focus that points the user to the actual content you want them to focus on. Also, a blurred background cuts all forms of destruction that can draw the user’s attention away from the message you will be conveying.

  • Fill the subject in the frame

The main subject of this article is a simple background for effective marketing and audience build-up. But at times creating a simple thing may turn out to be quite complex. For this reason, you can try out an alternative solution that is also effective. Rather than spending hours figuring out the best design for a simple background, you can instead fill the whole space with the subject. This will cut down the background space left and maintain the audience’s focus on the subject. It’s a very simple and effective means that requires no prior graphic design skills.

  • Contrasting colors

This is a great strategy for creating a simple and effective background. You don’t need fancy graphics to create an enticing and influential image. Contrasting colors will deliver the best marketing for your brand. But for this to be successful, you need to choose the best color theme that says a lot about your brand. This means you have to avoid color clashing and tone conflicts which have little impact in complementing the key subject.

  • Opt for a dark background

If things become too tough for you in creating a simple background, a dark background is another best alternative. Thus, rather than giving yourself headaches in try to figure out the best background, go for a dark color that will make the subject pop and be the main point of focus on your image.

  • Background Incorporation

Lastly, it’s quite handy to utilize the background details like the image overall composition. By maintaining the business brand context in the image background, you will have an opportunity to build trust and strong bonds with your clients by giving them a glimpse into your business.

To apply background incorporation into your image, you need to determine the goal of your brand. Afterward, select key features that will make a good background and send the exact message you need to convey. Finally, ensure the background you choose will not destruct the clients from the main subject.


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