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6 Trending Colors To Use In Your Social Media Posts ✨

At contentBASE we are always looking for inspiration for social media templates and designs. We figured we would write this posts with interesting colors to use in your posts. We checked hundreds of brands and posts to see if we could find any trends in colors that are used.

We did this because the world of online marketing is changing very quickly, and whatever was relevant a few months ago may be completely forgotten today. As you can imagine, this can apply to anything, from advertisements to the colors that you use on your website or social media ads.

No matter if you are a designer, a business owner or just interested in online marketing, you need to know the colors of 2019 and how to use them so they will benefit your online business or marketing campaign.

Here are the 6 color trends we found:

  1. Coral

The color actually comes from the Coral Reefs and it is very popular in the fashion industry. Even more, this year it serves as a reminder of the Coral Reefs that are slowly disappearing around the world. A color that is not as bright as red and not as soft as pink, it can easily give the impression of calm and peace, not to mention that it looks good combined with many other colors.

  1. Vivid Colors

In 2019, you really need something that will get the viewer’s attention, and you can easily obtain this by using vivid colors in web design. Bright blue, purple or electric yellow, all these can easily put in the spotlights your website. Naturally, all the big brands followed the trend, and you can see that this year, all the brands, logo’s and advertisements have vivid colors that help them stand out.

  1. Pink

Lovely color, isn’t it? Pink is one of the most popular colors in 2019 when it comes to marketing campaigns and everything else. Since women’s rights, feminism and human rights are some of the most popular words of the year, there is no wonder that so many people love to see pink in advertisements. It is no longer a “girly” color: it is fresh, it makes you feel happy and it draws attention to anything you choose.

  1. Lime Green

When you see Lime Green you think about something fresh, happy, about vacation and freedom, high energy and nature. That is why it is a must to use it in your online marketing campaign: it can turn any advertisement from a plain, boring one into a catchy, attractive piece. Of course, you have to make sure you use it wisely, as too much lime green associated with the wrong colors can be pretty harsh on the eyes.

  1. Earth Tones

More and more people want to go back to the basics, to focus more on the natural things and to feel the nature more in their lives. This is why earth tones are extremely popular this year. They are simple yet sophisticated and they give a laidback vibe to any marketing campaign. Use Earth Tones wisely and you can make any kind of advertisement look interesting and well-done.

  1. Gold

Gold makes you feel good almost instantly, doesn’t it? Apart from the fact that it draws your attention to the right spot, it also makes you feel luxurious without too much effort. Add a few lines of Gold here and there and there you have it: a fancy, classy advertisement that only took a few hours to create. Besides, it can successfully replace any other color and it is extremely versatile.

Are these the only colors you should use in 2019? Definitely not. However, try to blend them in with your online strategy to make posts a bit more trendy. Check out contentBASE to see if there are any social media templates that enhance your brand and content strategy. Good luck! ?


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